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Industry News
Going Coal-Free

Coal has been used for many hundreds of years to provide heat and energy, but the industrial revolution solidified the resource as a mainstay in energy production. From fuelling the earliest steam engines to modern power plants, it is hard to imagine our lives without this carbon rock.

As a cheap, widely available fuel, coal has allowed economies to grow and continues to power growth around the world. Unfortunately, however, coal-fired electricity generation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions of all power sources accounting for 67.9% of CO2 emissions in electricity production in the US in 2017.

With countries such as China and India building new coal-fired power plants at a rapid rate, achieving target reductions in greenhouse gas emissions seems increasingly difficult. There are, however, a number of jurisdictions that have successfully transitioned away from coal or are in the process of moving away.

Ontario in Canada is the first such jurisdiction in North America to have abandoned coal in favour of other – less polluting – fuel sources for electricity generation. Alberta, another Canadian Province, is on schedule to closing or converting its coal-fired power plants by 2030.

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Everything You Need to Know About Turning Algae into Energy

You’ve heard of solar power and wind power. You might have even heard of geothermal power and tidal power. But, have you ever heard of algae power? You can be forgiven if the answer to this question is no, but now is the time to brush up on the facts surrounding this new kind of renewable energy. Scientists are always looking for new ways to use the earth’s natural resources in a sustainable and clean manner. Algae energy is one of the latest experiments energy experts have been conducting and so far the results look positive.

Let’s start with the very basics of algae energy. Algae refers to a number of different organisms, in all shapes and sizes, from microscopic cyanobacteria to giant kelp. In order to transform algae into energy, it has to be harvested and processed in the same way as other biofuel crops. The key difference is that algae could be ten times more productive than these other crops. Once harvested, algae can be readily processed into the raw material to make fuels for cars, trucks, trains, and planes.

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